Nine Skirts That Look Good With Flats

Most of my pants are not the silky, flowy, straight-off-the-Chloé-runway kind, or the geometric-printed, punchy-colored street style star kind. Most of my pants are blue jeans or black pants, maybe white denim if I'm feeling sorta fresh—which is why I'll typically go for a skirt when I've already settled on a basic top to wear and I need something with a little polish, a little personality on bottom.

Unless, of course, it's one of those times when I've picked a skirt that doesn't look quite right with flats and I just can't stomach the idea of wearing heels for the next few hours. In those cases, the flats-compatibility of my trusty (boring) pants always wins over the outfit benefits of the skirt—but I'm way less excited about my outfit all day long. And that's precisely why I need more skirts that look just as good with flats as they do with heels (and sometimes better)—like the nine ones below.

It's the slit that makes it flats-compatible. Pair it with simple, two-strap sandals or some d'Orsay flats, and it'll look you intentionally balanced that leg-baring cut with a restrained shoe.

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