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It's the slit that makes it flats-compatible. Pair it with simple, two-strap sandals or some d'Orsay flats, and it'll look you intentionally balanced that leg-baring cut with a restrained shoe.
Mid-length skirts shouldn't be too body-hugging and pencil-skirt-y or they'll look weird with flats. Instead, pick one that's a little looser, like this one. (We also love the Mary Jane flat pairing pictured here.)
Unless you're trying to dress it up, we always prefer maxi skirts with flats.
Just make sure you go for a refined flat, not a flip-flop.
If the skirt in question is short and flouncy, you'll want to play it safe with flats.
Sure, you could wear it all stylized with a pair of architectural heels, but something about the sarong-style skirt just looks so California laid-back with T-strap sandals like these.
Breezy, gauzy skirts like this can be worn with heels, sure. But we love them anchored with badass Alexander Wang-y sandals, too, that are heavy like this. It's a good contrast.
Pair it with a cap-toe ballet flat for a look that's girly and polished.
Ballet flats and loafers work, but we'd love it with a flat ankle boot for a slightly Euro look.