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Plate Belt
It'll give a flowy gown a '70s glamour, "Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface" sort of look.
Statement Necklace
Wear it with a gown in a complementary color so the jewel tones really stand out.
Bow Belt
Cinch a full-skirted dress with this to give it a Oscar de la Renta vibe.
Draped on top an elegant column gown, it's very Bond girl.
Colorblocked Clutch
It'll be the difference between a minimalist dress looking ho-hum and a minimalist dress looking intenionally mod & artsy.
Fashion Scrunchie
It's less for the wallflower and more for a peacock kind of girl. But with a loose-flowing gown and some beachy waves, it'd make a very stylized look that seems right off the runway.
Floral Belt
The easiest way to make a black or white gown look very Chanel-y.
Glitter Clutch
Thinking about wearing a tulle maxi skirt? Pair it with this and channel Carrie Bradshaw in Paris.
Double Cuffs
Don't wear one; wear two, one on each wrist. (Emma Watson, Demi Moore and Beyoncé are all fans of the bold look.)
Fashion Headband
Don't wear it with a Grecian-style gown or you'll look straight out of the Troy set. Something else though (a sleeker white column, perhaps) would let it shine as the kind of cool, experimental headwear we'd expect Jennifer Lawrence to wear on the red carpet.
Oversize Sash
If you're going for a super-feminine gown or mid-century modern look (maybe with a tea-length, Betty Draper-ish dress?), this is the way to achieve it. It'll make it any dress look so much fancier.
Statement Earrings
They've gotta be shoulder-dusters to really make an impact, but they don't have to be neon or a whole rainbow of colors. Instead, we like these white ones, which we'd use to give a metallic dress new life.
Geometric Clutch
Don't match the colors of a printed, crazy clutch to the color of your dress. Instead, let it clash for a cooler, more fashion-y look. (Purple would be our pairing of choice for this one.)
Pin it at one side of your waist to make a dress look like it's got some pretty cool embellishment. (A cluster of them would work even better, of course.)