How You Can Rock a Red Carpet Dress to Your Real-Life Prom

Boys might have the right idea with one (if only one) prom night decision: the tux rental. Because once the night's over and your prom dress has been immortalized in Instagrams and Facebook pictures, how often are you really going to wear it again? (Like really, truly, not just the "I'll live in it!" methodology you used to plead to your mother in a PowerPoint.) We're guessing not that often.

So we'd look into renting a prom dress instead of buying—especially if you can't find a fabulous one on the cheap—and enjoying all the awkward pictures and cramped limo rides in a $2,000 dress while only spending a much more manageable $200. Below, we've rounded up our favorite rental options for the big night: whether long, short, printed or solid, each one looks super-expensive and fancy and designer-y—and isn't that sorta the point?

It'll make you want to dance, even if you're not the dancing type.

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