Why Tweed-y, Cropped Jackets Are The Answer To Every Wardrobe Woe

We're obsessed with punchy, well-tailored, not-your-mother's tweed jackets largely because you can wear them with so many things—and yet they totally dictate the feel of the outfit. They're versatile, powerful workhorses. Say, for example, you wear them with:

    A) Jeans and a slouchy t-shirt, which Rachel Bilson or Miranda Kerr would totally do for brunch at some trendy organic spot in L.A. You'll look laidback yet sorta fancy, not unlike the restaurant serving you that $8 green juice.

    B) A simple sheath dress. Preferably a little black one with ballet flats, and you'll look like Marion Cotillard on her way to a Paris  show. Polished, feminine, très chic.

    C) A pencil skirt and silk blouse, for work days. You'll look like the girls on Lipstick Jungle—their clothes were SO good—professional and creative in a way that's still within dress code.

Either way, tweed-y jackets are a win, which is exactly why we think you can never really have too many. Find one in your favorite color below —we've rounded up the entire rainbow—and start collecting.

The piping's a small detail but it adds so much.

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