Nail Spring's Hottest Trends With Six Vintage Pieces You Can Find Anywhere

When we see a trend we like really come together—it was on the Marc Jacobs runway two months ago, now it's on the Zara racks—we have a process for trying it out. It goes like this: we comb our favorite stores for a take that's neither fancy-designer-expensive nor fast-fashion-ubiquitous, which, of course, means we often end up with the same pieces our friends sniffed out, too.

So maybe there's a better way to find a trendy thing that's not the runway original, the mass market spinoff or the middle-of-the-road favorite: vintage shopping. It makes sense—fashion is cyclical, you know how the adage goes—which means it's actually pretty easy to unearth spring's biggest trends in thrift shops and consignment stores. (Plus, those versions usually have cheaper price tags or cooler backstories, or both.)

Deco Jewelry

This stuff tends to be easy to find everywhere—I always see trays of bakelike brooches and tassel earrings no matter where I am—and it's right on-trend with the whole Great Gatsby thing.

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