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Deco Jewelry
This stuff tends to be easy to find everywhere—I always see trays of bakelike brooches and tassel earrings no matter where I am—and it's right on-trend with the whole Great Gatsby thing.
Camo Jackets
Print-mixing is still very, very much a thing, and this will help with that. Hit up a Salvation Army and you should be able to find a legit army-issued jacket like this one.
Bold Stripes
Marc Jacobs ushered in their return with his fall 2013 runway show, and now the trickle down effect is complete: bold, graphic stripes are everywhere. But they've also had other periods of popularity (hello, '80s), so you should be able to find an awesome striped piece at a secondhand store super-easily.
Buy one to stay on pace with spring's sporty bomber jackets and baseball caps. (Plus, backpacks benefit with wear and tear, which isn't true of all handbags.)
Aggressive Metallics
The metallics Burberry put on their runways for spring 2013 looked Jetson-y furturistic, but really, intense metallics are not a novel thing. Instead of drooling over a $1,200 shiny leather pencil skirt on Net-a-Porter, scout a thrift stores for something tin foil-y that's also vintage.
Wear them with something a little grungy in honor of the Met's upcoming punk exhibit. You can find a pair of classic Levi's most anywhere, and the vintage ones have the best, stiffest denim.