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If there were ever a time to test-drive this season's crop top trend, Coachella is it. Pick one that covers just enough skin and skip the feather circlet for a look that's more straight-off-the-runway than swigged-the-whole-flask.
We dare you to find us a more Indio-appropriate shoe.
Mirrored lenses plus cerulean frames equal one truly statement-making pair of shades.
Low-cut armholes and a safari-style lace-up yoke make this button-up a breathable (not to mention versatile) outdoor concert essential.
The softest, most buttery wash means you can dance in these from dawn 'til dusk (not that you'll be waking up before noon, of course).
It might seem counterintuitive to wear booties in 95-degree heat, but as any seasoned festival-goer can attest, these babies are the best way to keep your feet dust-free.
The draped wrap-front silhouette couldn't be breezier, while the bold limeade hue ensures your pals won't lose you in the crowd.
Stacks of eye-catching bracelets are a festival staples, as are colorful tassels—making this set an Indio no-brainer.
You can't go wrong with a little lace dress at Coachella. It's a desert classic.
The Cali desert may be sweltering during the daytime—but once it gets dark, temperatures can drop by 30 or 40 degrees. Bring along a lightweight parka, and you'll be one happy camper (even if you're shacking up at a hotel).
You'll need to pack a lot for those long days on the field—sunscreen, snacks, the aforementioned after-dark outerwear—and bucket bags are inherently accommodating.
All the ventilation of a minidress with the bohemian silhouette of a maxi? Score.