The Best Swimsuit For Your Body Type—Yes, Yours!



Whether you're lanky or petite, the key is to fake curves where there aren't any. Feminine ruffles should do the trick. and Padded Knot Bandeau Top, $34.99,

Wide Hips

Don't be tempted to cover up your lower half with a boyshort or thick-strapped bikini—you'll look larger than you are. Instead, choose a high-cut or string-tied brief in a solid color, accompanied by your top of choice.


If you have the one body type that actually looks good in a cut-out one-piece, you're morally obligated to wear one.


Repeat after me: "Tankinis are not my friend." No, but want a string top and low-riding bikini bottom—it helps to lengthen your waist.



When you have the proportions of a pinup, it's best to go for retro-inspired pieces that will play up your va-voom curves and teeny-tiny waist.


A girl can never have enough black swimsuits, and this Old Hollywood-esque one has ultra-flattering ruching. (For more great plus size options, click here.) and matching Side-Shirred Hipster Bikini Bottoms, $63,


Underwire cups will provide all the lift and support you need. and

Athletic Build

Muscular girls look good in sporty suits, but that doesn't mean they should wear the same Speedo one-pieces as the local swim team. Color-blocked bikinis inspired by scuba and surf are a much better choice—and right on trend for spring.

Digital Writer

When morning talk shows and local newspapers dole out their seasonal swimsuit shopping advice, I'm usually pretty disappointed by the lack of body types represented. What about the women who don't resemble fruit? (Or aren't boy-shaped—the third "one of these things is not like the other" category I've never quite understood. Couldn't they say "banana?" Or is that somehow more offensive than "apple" and "pear" shapes?)

As a short-waisted busty girl with very narrow hips myself, I've had enough of this three-options-only nonsense. For my fellow frustrated swimwear shoppers, I've found flattering silhouettes for a wide variety of figures, all available online. You might discover that you fall into more than one category, so don't be afraid to mix and match tops and bottoms or even buy a couple different styles. Because hey, when you look great in a bikini and maillot, don't question your good fortune—just get both!

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