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You can't hit the shore without the perfect swimsuit. Remember what we told you about one-pieces? They're just better.
Though you should avoid overly precious sandals at the beach for obvious reasons, a flash of metallic by your feet always looks right.
Talk about a starry-eyed surprise.
You'll look like a Nantucket native while laying out on this. Just don't forget to apply the aforementioned SPF before doing so, lest you wind up as red as—well, you know.
Shield your noggin further with a cool Panama hat.
Your beach bag should be two things: bright (to play off of those rays) and zippered (to keep out all that pesky sand, of course).
A seaside classic looks even cooler in bright white.
Cutoffs not your thing? Try a super-soft chambray shirtdress instead. It's an ideal cover-up, whether you wear it unbuttoned (like a vest) or belted for lunch by the shore.
Bring your tunes to the beach! Just let this sync with your smartphone or iPad and you'll be tanning to the sweet sounds of the Gatsby soundtrack in no time.