30 Great Graduation Dresses For Budgets Big and Small

Aside from the standard issue cap and gown, graduation ceremonies don't have much of a dress code. Sure, there's nit-picky rules here and there for the few body parts left uncovered—one school might not allow high heels, lipstick could be banned at another. I've heard a lot of places discourage statement earrings—they interfere with the tassel.

As for what's beneath the oversized opaque robe though, anything goes. You want to wear a sexy nurse uniform under there? Go for it. Buckskin chaps? No one's stopping you. Hell, so long as you don't plan on streaking mid-commencement, you're allowed to accept your diploma completely commando.

But before you get too tempted by my suggestions, consider this: after every last certificate has been handed out, the caps thrown, the congratulations given—that's when everyone peels away their top layer of fabric for pictures, parties and other celebratory things. And that's when you're going to want one of the thirty dresses below. Click through the slideshow to find one that fits your style and budget now.

Under $100

A casual dress with brocade-y texture is an easy way to fake dressing up.