10 Best Shopping Sites for Finding Exactly What You Want

The very fact that you're currently browsing this website indicates that you're a fan of online shopping—and you're not alone, we are too. But today, there are so many e-tailers and social shopping apps out there that the once-enjoyable practice of purchasing things online has become complicated—ironic, considering that e-commerce was meant to simplify the buying experience.

Fortunately, there are a number of super-helpful shopping sites and online tools that really do add something to the act of cyber-buying. Some serve to inspire, some are styling instruments and others simply help you get the best possible price on whatever you're eyeing at the moment. Click through to discover nine sites and one awesome app that you should absolutely consult before your next online shopping spree.

Shop It To Me Threads

Like an online personal shopper, this site sorts through everything that's currently on sale from your favorite brands and in your size. Looking to scoop up something from 3.1 Phillip Lim—but only if it's priced at under $150? Maybe you're after some Isabel Marant—but have a strict $300 budget to stick to? Threads is your go-to. You can also "follow" certain trends or styles—nice if you're looking for something specific, like summer sandals or a chambray shirt.