13 Perfect White T-Shirts Our Editors Pretty Much Live In

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"Vince makes the best white T-shirt. I find myself to be a jeans and T-shirt girl a lot of the time, so I have become pretty picky. But I can always rely on Vince. The weight of the shirt is just what a girl wants: not too heavy, but not so thin that your bra can be seen. The sleeves hit at the perfect part of the arm to make your arms look cut—it's just an all-around great basic! I wear mine all the time!" - Lisa Goldstein, Fashion Market Assistant
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Let me paint you a scene: it's last Sunday, late in the morning. There I am, standing in a pair of skinny dark wash jeans and a nude seamless bra, white T-shirts crumpled around my feet. The pile has been increasing in size for the last 45 minutes as I've been trying and re-trying every colorless crew-, V- and scoopneck—from the teeniest crop top to the longest thigh-skimming style—in my wardrobe, to complete the simple and effortless brunch ensemble I'm envisioning. (No, the irony of this is not lost on me.) When the clock hits 12:30, my stomach begins to aggressively grumble, and I acquiesce that it's just not going to happen. I throw on the same slouchy striped top I find myself wearing more times than not and resolve to go shopping for the perfect white tee once I'm better fed.

Fast forward several fruitless internet searches later to this moment right now, and my wardrobe is still lacking the quintessential, supremely flattering, dress-it-up-or-down, tuck-it-in-or-tuck-it-out, goes-with-anything—EVER—classic white T-shirt. Does just one even exist? According to my co-workers, all signs point to no. Nearly every person I've asked has suggested a different fit, cut and brand (although there is some overlap—whaddup, T by Alexander Wang and Hanes?), which honestly means there's but one solution: I'll have to buy them all. After reading their glowing reviews, you'll also want to. Click through the slideshow below to see what I mean.

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