Cheap (And Oh-So-Chic) Sunglasses That Look Expensive

Sunglasses are not ChapSticks or hair ties, but I do lose them the same way. They go from my bag to the lunch table to the car cup holder and then—boom —they're lost. It happens too easy and too often, so I buy cheapo ones now. Not, like, garish CVS ones that you'd wear only in emergencies (like weekend beach trips when you packed wrong—that kind of absolutely dire crisis); instead, I hunt for ones that look expensive even though they're not, like these sunglasses in the slideshow below.

Click through to shop them all, and you might actually never lose them, in accordance with the 208th rule of the universe: the pricier those shades were, the faster you'll lose them. So yeah, you'll have these forever. (And look really good in the meantime.)

It's the palette that does it; they'd fit right into a Chloé ad alongside a chain strap bag and a pretty pair of trousers. (Plus, how great is it that the logo is on the inside of the frames instead of the outside?)

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