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It's the palette that does it; they'd fit right into a ChloƩ ad alongside a chain strap bag and a pretty pair of trousers. (Plus, how great is it that the logo is on the inside of the frames instead of the outside?)
There's not much hardware or frame to an aviator, just a little bit of wire and some lenses, so there's not much to betray their price tag. Just pick ones with thin rims and unembellished lenses and no one will have any idea they're not pricey.
Cheap tortoise shell can be so, so bad, but this pair nails it with its darker, not-too-orangey color and pleasantly hefty frame. I bet my mom would pay $200 for these.
Totally something I'd expect to see on a street style star, and something I'd expect to cost way more.
The quilted side makes them look like something you spotted in the velvet display cases at Barneys, not in a fast fashion store between racks of $6 tank tops.
Olivia Palermo, are these yours? Did you pay $400 for them? No?
It's the mirrored lenses. So on point, and so in keeping with what's flying off the shelves at Sunglass Hut right now.
I'm pretty sure Miu Miu or Prada made these a couple seasons ago, no? That shape will forever stick out as fashion-y and fancy in my mind.
I almost don't want to buy them just because it means dealing with the sadness when I inevitably lose them. They're perfect.