Five Cinco de Mayo Outfits That Won't Make You Look Like a Human Piñata

Is there a better non-federal holiday out there than Cinco de Mayo? Absolutamente no—especially where drinking, dancing and dressing up are concerned. May 5 isn't just an opportunity to down margaritas and get your salsa on (both the dance and the condiment kind), but also to test-drive bold colors, patterns and prints you might ordinarily avoid. Never thought you could pair a Baja hoodie with embroidered denim? Cinco de Mayo's the prime time to try it—just make sure you limit yourself to one or two patterned pieces, max. We'd tell you to apply the same rule to those tequila-heavy bevs, but where's the fun in that?

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The mere notion of wearing two Southwestern prints in tandem is intimidating, we know. But it's surprisingly doable—especially if you anchor the look with otherwise preppy, clean pieces, like a crisp white tee and a cool color-blocked cross-body.