14 Pretty Flats That Won't Hurt Your Feet

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It's all about that little groove in the ankle. The top edges of ballet flats often follow one even line, running right across your ankle bone, which can rub them raw in this very miserable way. Not these. They're genius.
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I'm so obsessed with my new Jenni Kayne d'Orsay flats that I've been communting to work with Converse on my feet and the flats in a canvas bag. Girls in the elevator look kind of confused when they see flats tucked in my tote—like, if four-inch heels aren't my endgame, why bother with commuter shoes? Are those flats just that uncomfy?

Not at all; actually, those d'Orsay flats might be the most comfortable shoes I own. Sadly, it's a rare quality amongst the shoes that live on my flat shelf, which is why I've been treating them so preciously. I mean, my sneakers, boots and sandals that happen to be flat are mostly comfortable. But proper flats, or at least what I think of when I hear the word "flats"—ballet, slippers, loafers, lace-ups—those can be very uncozy and blister-ful.


Yet it shouldn't be that way, right? I mean, if shoes hurt your feet and don't even give you any height, why bother? Instead, follow these shortcuts to finding flat styles that are as comfy as they are cool-looking. (If I'm wrong, I'll buy you a box of Band-Aids. But I'm not wrong.)

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