14 Pretty Flats That Won't Hurt Your Feet

Try a d'Orsay flat. Instead of a snug top section that cuts into the middle of the foot, they're intentionally loose, so they wear sort of like a slide sandal. (To me, they feel like wearing Adidas shower sandals. So easy and don't-even-think-twice-about-them.)

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I'm so obsessed with my new Jenni Kayne d'Orsay flats that I've been communting to work with Converse on my feet and the flats in a canvas bag. Girls in the elevator look kind of confused when they see flats tucked in my tote—like, if four-inch heels aren't my endgame, why bother with commuter shoes? Are those flats just that uncomfy?

Not at all; actually, those d'Orsay flats might be the most comfortable shoes I own. Sadly, it's a rare quality amongst the shoes that live on my flat shelf, which is why I've been treating them so preciously. I mean, my sneakers, boots and sandals that happen to be flat are mostly comfortable. But proper flats, or at least what I think of when I hear the word "flats"—ballet, slippers, loafers, lace-ups—those can be very uncozy and blister-ful.


Yet it shouldn't be that way, right? I mean, if shoes hurt your feet and don't even give you any height, why bother? Instead, follow these shortcuts to finding flat styles that are as comfy as they are cool-looking. (If I'm wrong, I'll buy you a box of Band-Aids. But I'm not wrong.)

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