The Coolest Sneakers To Wear Everywhere But The Gym

These are the coolest sneakers.

They belong to our Senior Fashion Editor, Elle Strauss, who's British and calls them "trainers." That might somehow make them even better, like when Brits call sweaters "jumpers" and suddenly it's like "oooh, what a charming piece of fabric!"—but that's not really why we like them.

We like them because they're the perfect way to do this whole sneakers-are-now-a-trend thing. They're not too fashion-y; no four-inch wedge, glitter explosion or glaring neon. But they're not too sporty either, sacrificing looks for the sake of gym performance. They're classic and sleek, and look amazing with non-gym clothes (cords and a button-down; jeans, a tee and a leather jacket, little black shirt dresses). Which is great, because Elle says she plans "plans on doing no exercise in them whatsoever."

Shop them here.

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