15 Cute Beach Towels Totally Worth Buying

It's finally summer, you've reserved that shoreside timeshare and your beach bag's packed and ready to go—but when it comes to choosing a fun towel, most people tend to just pull out any old thing from the top of their linen closet. Mistake!

Think about it: when you're sunning yourself out on the sand, your beach towel is essentially a "frame" for your swimsuit, sunglasses and the rest of your shore-going ensemble. And frankly, even the cutest bikini (or most glamorous maillot) can look schlubby if it's being displayed atop a repurposed bath towel riddled with threadbare patches. So this summer, why not go for something cuter—like any of the 15 options in the slideshow below? They're so stylish, you might not even want to use them to dry yourself off.

You'll have it made in the shade(s).