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You'll have it made in the shade(s).
There's nothing—we repeat, nothing—more glamorous than sunning oneself on a towel covered in Missoni's signature zigzags.
Lay out on these waves, then dive into the real ones later.
A hippie-dippie twist on the baroque trend that's still going strong.
All the best things about summertime, spelled right out on your towel.
With its stunning sea-blue mosaic pattern, this one's like a (highly absorbent) work of art.
A bold and bright option from every Brooklynite's favorite heritage brand.
So cute, it could double as a fun throw.
Take this season's checkerboard trend from the streets to the beach!
A classic, simple option made exponentially more festive with fringe.
Surf's up!
A black beach towel seems strange in theory, but we're crazy about Cheap Monday's signature shouting skull.
Both an adorable top-of-sand statement and a gentle warning not to skip the SPF.
In the off season, this'll look just as cheerful peeping out from its perch in your linen closet.