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Crystals, lace-ups and buckles, oh my!
There's something so glamorous about this mix of gold, black and white.
Could double as mantlepiece art.
Now go and buy a matching floral chiffon dress!
Quite literally, the cherry atop any outfit.
Those exaggerated ankle straps are all the jewelry you'll need.
Something blue, but not just for brides.
Sorry, matching Disney princess not included.
Aqua and cerulean: a foolproof color combo.
Guess what the other side says.
The luxury of a Birkin bag without all its obvious-ness.
An excuse to wear white dresses and red lipstick all summer long.
Brings to mind cobblestone streets, bicycles with metals baskets and all the other trappings of a romantic European movie.
The one time it's okay for people to pet your feet. (Uh, kind of.)
For when it's just too damn hot for closed toe ballet flats.
The lovechild of a peep-toe and retro bathing cap.
Florals for women who don't do florals.
If Donatella Versace were to give up her heels…
Straight from Mount Olympus Fashion Week.