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Staying for less than a week? Try to fit everything inside one oversized duffel. It will save you the agony of schlepping and locals will think you're a Parisian taking a long weekend holiday! (That is, of course, until you speak.)
Don't bring more than one pair of sunglasses with you, or a trendy shape that only works in specific situations. One classic, goes-with-anything pair of aviators is all you need.
This packing tip actually applies to all kind of trips: never bring white T-shirts unless you have the time and facilities for laundry. Black ones are just as versatile and stay clean longer.
White denim, however, is a little hardier than cotton tees in the same color—and so much more French than basic blue. Definitely have a pair on hand.
Rather than have separate necklaces, bracelets and earrings for each of your outfits, just one great watch that you'll never take off is better. Since you don't have to worry about losing it—and it's your only accessory of the trip—feel free to pick a fancy one.
It's good to have at least one dress in your arsenal that works for both day and night. In the French Rivera, I'd go Cannes Festival lite, with something floaty, floral and effortless—but still wearable enough for long walks along the coastline.
You might be in Southern Europe, but there's still a spring chill in the air; the average temperature this time of year run in the sixties. Leave your bikini at home and pack a lightweight pullover instead.
Don't bother with bringing heels: these are just as chic and much easier to walk in.
While you can sleep in these the whole trip, each piece works as a daytime separate, too.
Never take lots of makeup to France, the women there don't wear much; flashy colors and heavy concealer will stick out. Go with this liptint (that also works as a cheek stain) and a great BB/CC/whatever letter cream instead.
Jackets take up lots of space, so you want one that goes with everything and get the job done. This one is perfect.
One streamlined, hands-free style works for 99 percent of possible occasions, day or night. (If you get invited to the Bling Ring screening, though, you might have to go minaudière shopping. Poor you.)