12 Things You Need For a Festival-Free Vacation In Cannes

Tomorrow, the 66th Cannes Film Festival begins with the international premiere of The Great Gatsby. After its kick-off screening, the annual event will continue on through May 26, complete with all the trappings its known for: exclusive previews of upcoming movies, celebrities of alphabet-topping caliber and some of the most head-spinning fashion of the season.

It's because of this yearly pilgrimage Hollywood makes to the French Riviera, so well documented by the paparazzi, that most people associate the region with glitz, glamor and film-making in general. But in reality, most of the South of France is filled with sleepy fishing villages. Vacationing in one—unless you're good friends with Sofia Coppola or Baz Luhrmann—means your accommodation options will be more bed and breakfasts than lavish hotels, your itinerary filled with more wilderness wandering than formal dinners and your outfits all casual-wear, not couture. That said, you'll have a blast if you pack right. Here's what I suggest for a visit right now:

One streamlined, hands-free style works for 99 percent of possible occasions, day or night. (If you get invited to the Bling Ring screening, though, you might have to go minaudière shopping. Poor you.)