Seven Things To Wear to a Bridal or Baby Shower

I see the same two types of girls at most showers I go to—bridal or baby. There's the pro in her tweed-y, Chanel-like dress, slingback pumps and smug grin, who probably wrote her thank-you note to the hostess before she even got out of the car. Then there's the inevitable fish out of water, who hunches a bit when well-manicured, older women circle by her, like she wishes she'd worn a flouncy dress instead of a tight one or proper pumps instead of booties.

The first one I want to roll my eyes at; I want to lend some confidence to the second. And I don't really want to dress like either one of those girls, but somewhere happily in the middle: appropriately feminine without veering into Stepford wife territory. Below, the seven things I'd use to do it, which are especially pressing now, because summer is wedding season—which means spring is shower season. (As for babies? Well, they happen all year round.)

Blouses With Detailed Collars

Wear them with slim pants or tuck them into a skirt; either way, an interesting neckline means you don't need much jewelry, just a simple pair of studs.

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