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Blouses With Detailed Collars

Wear them with slim pants or tuck them into a skirt; either way, an interesting neckline means you don't need much jewelry, just a simple pair of studs.

Low Heels

Comfortable enough for three hours of standing, yet they still look sleek in a cool '90s minimalism sort of way.

Bright Pants

Maybe you're just not a dress girl. Or maybe you are, but you want to stand out in the sea of sundresses. Either way, bright, well-tailored pants are your answer.

Tweed Dresses, Skirts and Jackets

Tweed is sort of the unofficial fabric of luncheons and showers. In neon, it's young and fun, not staid.

Flouncy Skirts

Find one that's got a little bit of flounce but not too much, and you'll look girly but not caricature-y.

Light-Colored Blazers

Toss them over dresses to shield yourself from intense A/C, or wear them to pull together separates. White's particularly good, because it's crisp but not corporate like black or navy blazers can be.

Floral Skirts and Dresses

They're the default for a reason. Invest in one as an easy starting point, but just keep the rest of the look simple, not too Betty Draper-ish.