How to Dress This Summer, According to the Farmers' Almanac

For decades, the Farmers' Almanac has been accurately predicting weather patterns across the country. I actually consulted it earlier in the year, and that massive snowstorm that hit in the middle of NYFW was in there. They didn't reference designers or anything, but they knew it was coming. As we approach summer, it's important to get an idea of what we're in for. Will it be hot? Dry? Rainy? Cold? All will be revealed by the ever-present Caleb Weatherbee. Click through below to shop your region.

The Northeast

It's been a brutal few summers for those residing in the Northeast. If memory serves, it's gone straight from frigid to boiling within days. This year, things have been mild and we've had a real spring to enjoy. According to the almanac, things will be pretty dry and "very warm." There will most likely be some storms that creep up from the Mid-Atlantic region and from the Great Lakes in the early days of the season, so be prepared. As summer closes, expect rain to "dampen Labor Day festivities." So much for that clam bake. Click through to shop for summer.