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The Northeast
It's been a brutal few summers for those residing in the Northeast. If memory serves, it's gone straight from frigid to boiling within days. This year, things have been mild and we've had a real spring to enjoy. According to the almanac, things will be pretty dry and "very warm." There will most likely be some storms that creep up from the Mid-Atlantic region and from the Great Lakes in the early days of the season, so be prepared. As summer closes, expect rain to "dampen Labor Day festivities." So much for that clam bake. Click through to shop for summer.
The Southeast
Unlike the Northeast, things are going to get pretty hot for you. The Mid-Atlantic region will get some storms in the early days of summer before heading into a period of "oppressively hot" temperatures in July. And the heat will only climb as August begins, well into the 100s for the entire East Coast (except up north). As September nears, tropical storms will threaten the Southeast as usual and the damp weather will continue towards the fall. Click through to shop for summer.
The Great Lakes & Midwest
The stretch of heat that affects the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states will extend towards the west, bringing "warm" to "hot" temperatures and normal precipitation. However, while the East Coast is boiling up in August, things will be a little cooler for you. Although it might be a little easier to manage, things will still be hazy, hot and humid. The end of the summer will bring some wet conditions, so keep that umbrella handy. Click through to shop for summer.
North Central
The eastern side of the North Central region (Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and parts of Kansas, Nebraska and the Dakotas) will have warmer than normal temperatures and precipitation. For those of you slightly west in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado, expect everything to be pretty normal. Nothing to surprise you there. Click through to shop for summer.
South Central
New Mexico and western Texas will have a pretty standard summer with average precipitation. That scorching heat from the East Coast will creep into eastern Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. For the extreme east side of the region, tropical storms will continue to be a threat as we head towards September, which will be a rainy month for all. Click through to shop for summer.
The Northwest
Ahhh, the beautiful Northwest. Oregon and Washington will be fairly warm and pretty dry. Things only get milder for Idaho, land of potatoes, where temperatures will be business-as-usual. According to the almanac, only the West Coast will be spared a rainy Labor Day weekend. Good for you, guys! Click through to shop for summer.
The Southwest
Things are expected to be drier than normal on the West Coast, but rains will be returning in Nevada, Arizona and Utah, bringing a break from the dryness of the past couple years. Phew! Again, California and the western parts of Nevada will be dry during Labor Day weekend, so plenty of partying to do. Us East Coasters will be hopping a plane to visit. Click through to shop for summer.