10 Graduation Gifts Worthy of an A-Plus

In addition to being jam-packed with weddings and proms, late spring/early summer's also graduation season. The transition from studenthood to adulthood is an incredibly exciting one, sure—but it's also daunting as all get-out. Along with the collection of that diploma comes the bittersweet end to mornings spent sleeping in, frat-partying 'til the wee hours and storming the dorms with one's best friends. But what better way to cushion the blow than with a perfect grad gift your newly-minted alum will love for years to come?

From the perfect pair of go-get-that-job pumps to a card case with serious attitude to a truly useful cookbook duo, click through to discover 10 presents ideal for any student about to bid college farewell. Oh, and if you want to blast Vitamin C's "Graduation (Friends Forever)" as you do so, we won't tell.

Punctuality becomes a far more important virtue after graduation—no more sleeping in until 2 pm, kids (well, maybe just during the weekend). If this classic tank watch doesn't get your grad from A to B on time, we're not sure what will.