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Punctuality becomes a far more important virtue after graduation—no more sleeping in until 2 pm, kids (well, maybe just during the weekend). If this classic tank watch doesn't get your grad from A to B on time, we're not sure what will.
Post-graduation's the best time to get serious about one's finances. This gorgeous wallet will keep everything neatly organized—credit cards, cash, business cards—and thanks to the bold hue, it won't get lost in your grad's stuffed-to-the-brim tote.
We're gonna take a wild guess here and say that your gift recipient probably isn't much of a whiz in the kitchen. But in Mark Bittman's capable hands, he or she will be in no time.
Makes light of an awesome resumé and a not-so-awesome paycheck.
This compact little speaker connects to laptops or smartphones to make entertaining, solo music-listening and even conference calls a breeze. Oh, and did we mention it's wireless?
Fact: recent grads are in constant need of caffeine, and lots of it. Keurig's Vue systems allow users to make their cuppa joe (or tea, or cocoa) as strong as they'd like. Customizable caffeine? It's a winner.
Perfect for job interviews, dates and everything in between. She'll wear 'em for years to come.
Simply put, a new laptop is probably the single most appreciated graduation gift out there, if your budget allows for it. The MacBook Air is uber-lightweight, incredible portable and endlessly useful—a great choice.
So much cooler—not to mention more classic—than your usual run-of-the-mill college ring.
Every recent graduate needs a perfect black blazer in her closet, and Mr. Theyskens cuts the absolute best ones—end of story.