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A Turkish towel does all the same things as terry cloth beach blanket but looks about a million times chic-er in the process—and it doubles as a sarong!
Laundry detergent infused with Tocca's signature fresh-from-the-garden scents, like "Stella" (Italian Blood Orange) and "Florence" (English Rose and Iris Root), makes laundry time way more enjoyable. (A sentiment well worth promoting if you plan on sticking around for more than one night.)
Normally, I would discourage giving tea, but a complex Mariage Frères infusion is much more special than your garden variety Chamomile or Earl Grey. It's also pretty hard to find stateside (the company, founded in 1854 in Paris, only has storefronts in France, Great Britain, Germany and Japan), so having a tin in the cupboard feels like entrée into an exclusive club. Just remember to include filters, since the leaves are often sold loose!
If you reeeeeally want to give chocolate, than you cannot do things halfway. No Whitman's Samplers! Buy something that can't be bought at most grocery stores and comes in great packaging. And get a lot of it!
Although the Eataly website describes this oil olive set as being "herbaceous," I initially read it as "herbalicous," which makes total sense to me. "Rich in grassy scents, with hints of artichoke and tomato, without being too peppery?" "The villa magra has vegetal notes of thistle and lettuce and aromatic notes of mint, rosemary, and pepper?" Herbalicous, no?
Here are the rules for giving your hostess a candle: 1.) Make it a very fancy candle, preferably French. 2.) Wrap it with a decorative box of matches, which will instantly make the gesture seem more thoughtful.
Yes, you can give toothpaste, but no you cannot give any kind of toothpaste except for Marvis, the Rolls Royce of all toothpastes ever. It makes all dental experiences feel like they are happening in a lavish Italian villa.
Kitchen towels that are too nice for the regular spill and sticky hand-related use are something most people want—but won't buy for themselves.
This is perfect if you are thanking your hostess for a extended stay or multiple summer Friday to Monday morning visits. Compared to all that rent-free living, the $300 price-tag is quite the deal.
Hey, with all these guests coming and going and drinking her drinks, she's going to need something to protect against coffee table rings. Why not make it a pretty something?
There's something so decadent about these teeny-tiny soaps, like they were all stolen from resort hotels all around Europe and packed in one box.
It's like giving a season's worth of chamomile and lemon flavored cocktails. Yum.
To make this extra personal, fill out the first few cards with some of your favorite recipes. (And offer to cook them throughout your stay, of course.)