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In a season packed with punk references, why not go for an option that's pierced to perfection?
Swap out your name for your favorite phrase!
Delightfully oversized—just the way we like it.
Mixed metals: sort of like jewelry's answer to the patchwork trend.
"My name? Jacobs. Marc Jacobs."
Shimmering stones and a dangling cone make for one dressed-up take on the ID bauble.
If you love Giles & Brother's engravable railroad spike cuffs, you'll flip for this heavier, heftier hoofed version.
Even if you're the picture of good health, you'll never want to take this hospital-inspired bracelet off your wrist.
Ann Dexter-Jones' ID bracelets are an editor fave—and with unique insets like wood and precious stones, it isn't hard to see why.