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Tiaras for boys? We're royally confused about this one, but the look certainly made a statement.
Neck labels—they're like nameplace necklaces, but without the need for a pesky chain!
Also an option? Nipple labels. They're also handy for marathon runners prone to unfortunate bouts of chafing.
Boot-sandals (bandals?) were a huge trend on the Spring 2013 runways, but Anderson and Versace took things a step further with these shin guard heels. Done in white patent, as if they weren't already attention-grabbing enough. Editors, prepare to jump on that wait list...
It's a shame this skirt, constructed from a grid of safety pins, didn't debut in time for someone to wear it to this year's punk-themed Met Gala. Would've been a winner for sure.
In keeping with the evening's rave theme, many male models sported black tourniquets around their upper arms. For some reason, all we can think of right now is Judy Greer's editorial pitch from the end of 13 Going on 30: "It will do heroin chic one better. FASHION. SUICIDE."
This season, every dude's gonna need a one-shouldered neon yellow top in his closet. Just beware of funky tan lines, boys.
Remember the much-discussed "shorteralls" Hannah wore on Girls this past season? We wonder what she'd think about this "croperall"—a crop top/overall hybrid we're still trying to figure out.
And then there was this outfit, which combined several of the aforementioned trends into a single look. We could picture Kanye, perhaps, wearing those pants—and maybe Kim K. in the top? Hey, sharing is caring!