Karen Walker's New Uniqlo Collab Makes Me Wish I Was Olsen-Twin-Sized

Much as I love my 5'10 stature today, it wasn't always so. As a kid who grew up riding horses and dreamt of becoming a jockey—a profession that basically mandates that one be under five feet tall—I used to pray that I'd suddenly stop growing (and never gave up hope until I finally reached 5'8 at the tender age of 15). And now, I kind of wish I was a little bit shorter once more—except this time, it's so I can fit into the new childrenswear collection Karen Walker designed for Uniqlo.

I mean, who wouldn't want to squeeze into these sketchbook tees, flouncy dresses and alphabet-adorned skirts? They're adorable. Luckily, judging by the measurements offered on Uniqlo's site, it seems that a kid's size XL tee might just work for someone who wears an adult shirt size S or M. Worth a try, no? And in the meantime, though primarily comprised of kids' clothing, the collection also offers a few extremely cute ruffle-bottom tops for grown-up fans of Walker's quirky aesthetic. In an interesting twist, it also seems that the adult-sized pieces are actually on sale right now, making them cheaper than their pint-sized counterparts. Huzzah!

Click through to shop our favorite women's and girl's pieces from Karen Walker x Uniqlo, and head to Uniqlo.com for the full range.