Seven Things to Buy With LOFT's New 40% Off Promo Code

In honor of Mother's Day, LOFT's got a new promo code, LOVEMOM, that'll get you forty percent off select styles on their site. Of course, that selection's supposed to highlight their best potential Mother's Day gifts—pretty rosette sandals, bright springy cardigans, crystal necklaces galore—but lots of things in that group would work pretty well as presents to yourself, too. Like these seven things below, which we'd suggest buying for yourself if not for your mother. (Don't feel bad typing "LOVEMOM" in at checkout, because if you can find a new pair of wear-with-everything neutral sandals for way less than you were willing to pay, that means you'll have more money for Mom's flowers/present/brunch, right?)

The perfect summer sandals for less than the cost of your weekly pedicure.

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