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It's Marc Jacobs Collection and it's under $1,000 (and it's a coat, which are usually crazy expensive). Plus you will wear it all spring every spring. Forever. (Or I would if I had it.)
The color's perfect for showing off a summer tan.
Looks like you took the time to coordiante a top and skirt into an outfit, but all you had to do was slip this over your head. It'll be a lifesaver on so many running late mornings.
The black clutch that's way cooler than everyone else's black clutch, thanks to the texture.
It's still on the pricey side, it's a smart splurge. The color combination is awesome and it's one of those dresses you can tell is from a fancy, super-cool designer from across the room.
Girly but not too pirm, because it's neon. And Ii's one of those things that'd easily become a wardrobe workhouse with so many of your plain t-shirts and blouses.
It's usually easy to find simple everyday jewelry or statement jewelry, but this is sort of both. The design's interesting, but it's delicate enough to wear with lots of outfits without being overwhelming.
You know, just one of those things you can never have too many of: the structured blazer in a color that's not too loud and yet sorta cooler than black. Works for both office or for dinners (really, truly).
Pair them with sundresses as a fresh alternative to sandals or ballet flats.