The Most Memorable Memorial Day: How To Throw The Best BBQ

Playing the "when game" has always been one of my favorite ways to pass the time. For those of you unfamilar, let me explain: it's a sort of mental version of cloud-watching; daydreaming, I suppose, would be the universal term. When I grow up I'll be a ballerina and a marine biologist; when I get my driver's license I'm going on a road trip; when I visit Australia, the locals will teach me how to surf. Obviously, I don't follow through on all my grand "when" ideas, but that's not really the point—it's just fun to think about 'em.

The most recent string of "when game" chatter running through my mind involves playing the perfect hostess. When I can afford a New York City apartment with a rooftop terrace (or, say, one that's more than 500 square feet) I'll throw big barbeques. When I have an actual dining room table instead of a collapsible shelf from IKEA, my house will be a Sunday brunch spot. And, when that blessed day comes that my eating, hanging out and office space are not one and the same, I'll throw the best Memorial Day bash ever.

Unless I win the lottery or start dealing X within the next week, it's pretty doubtful that my current "when" fixation will come true before the start of this summer. Still, even without a venue, I have some seriously good ideas that shouldn't be wasted. So, should you be living out my "when" fantasy, let me live vicariously through you! Click through the slideshow below for my advice on throwing the best M-Day weekend party. (And then invite me.)

Wear Something Striking

A former boss of mine once instructed me to wear something that "stands out in a crowd" to an event I was assisting—that way anyone with a question could easily find me. Hostesses should always wear colorful dresses for this very same reason! That and, well, colorful prints mask splashes from refilling the punch bowl.