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Wear Something Striking
A former boss of mine once instructed me to wear something that "stands out in a crowd" to an event I was assisting—that way anyone with a question could easily find me. Hostesses should always wear colorful dresses for this very same reason! That and, well, colorful prints mask splashes from refilling the punch bowl.
Wear Shoes You Can Walk In
Surviving as a regular old stand-and-chat partygoer in stilettos is hard enough, let alone one who also has to refill chip bowls, take coats and sop up spills. Save yourself a lot of agony and opt for walkable stacked heels that are under two inches.
One Coversation Piece Goes A Long Way
Besides providing a shady retreat from UV rays, this playful striped deck umbrella makes decorating super-duper easy. It's such a bold statement that you won't have to provide more than coordinating place settings to pull everything together. (Of course, should you feel ambitious, a few paper lanterns are always good, too.)
But Small Details Are Also Important!
Little things, like using a cooler Don and Megan Draper might own instead of your standard-issue Coleman, are what make a get-together memorable.
Festive Drinks Are A Must.

You're kicking off the unofficial season of margaritas, so celebrate accordingly.

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Keep The Good Silver Inside
Instead of giving each guest their own set of metal cutlery, simply set out a few jars of these bamboo utensils instead. Besides avoiding lost silverware and the constant replenishment of dirty forks, knives and spoons, the style's festive colors will enhance your decor.
Have A Steady Flow of Snacks
Grilled meat (and tofu!) is great and all, but people are going to want something to munch on in between. This high-speed, chef-approved blender will help you make guacamole and bean dip on the quick.
An Elegant Alternative to Party City Napkins Exists
Disposable linens hold up much better than paper versions and make for a much prettier display.
Grown-Up Sippy Cups Are Awesome
Not only do mason jars with straws look all cute and vintage-y, but the lids are an insurance policy against surprise messes.