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Basic Blazer
You know you need one. And if you have one, you probably need another.
Party Shoes
Wear them with neutrals or contrast them with a dress in another bright color. Either way, you need party shoes that are punchy but won't pigeonhole you into what you can wear them with.
Double Duty Skirts
Everyone needs versatile skirts like these, which you can swing from weekend day to work day just by changing your shoes and tossing a blazer over that tank top.
Easy White Dress
You'll want to wear it to all your summer parties.
Everyday Denim
Not too low-rise and not too skinny-legged, which makes them super-flattering on most body types.
Versatile Belt
It does double duty as a both a hip and waist belt, so you can use it to cinch a swingy cocktail dress or to polish up a plain old jeans-and-tee look.
Black Clutch
With a texture that makes it slightly cooler than a simple leather one, but still just as wear-with-everything flexible.
Statement Earrings
Lifesavers when you just can't figure out why the simple cocktail dress you're wearing feels sorta ho-hum. Adding something like these often makes all the difference.
Striped Shirts
Navy and black stripes are great too, but red's our favorite.