Eight Fast and Easy Slide-On Sandals That Aren't Flip-Flops

While some people get riled up by hot button political topics and others by long-standing sports rivalries, flip-flops are what set me on edge. Spotting the causal summer shoe outside its acceptable zones—grimy pool locker rooms, scalding beaches, nail salons—sets my inner Regina George loose on the world; I began to roll my eyes, shake my head and self-righteously bloviate my opinion to anyone who'll listen. Pretty much the only obnoxiously judgemental thing I don't do is record each sartorial misfire in my very own thong footwear burn book. (Yet.)

Now, despite my extremely strong feelings on the slide-'em-right-on style, I honestly do understand its appeal: it's fast, easy and doesn't smush your toes or give you sweaty feet. But there are other types of equally fast, easy, non-smushy and sweat-free open-backed, buckle-less sandals that look so much better in non-water-recreational situations. So go ahead, keep all that flip-flop laziness this coming summer—just do it with one of the eight alternatives below.

Wanna wear a fancy dress but not the blister-guaranteed matching stilettos? Reach for these instead.