Our Senior Fashion Editor's Cool (But Not Overpowering) New Cuff

Usually I like my jewelry super-delicate, and yet I could really get behind this Pamela Love cuff our Senior Fashion Editor, Elle Strauss, has been wearing around the office. Sure, it's got that badass swordsmith-y detailing, the cage-like shape and a bit of rawness in the metal colors (antique-y silver or bronze).

But it's not spiked or studded or too aggressive, so while it can read '90s punk kid when layered with lots of jewelry and ripped jeans, it can also look kinda Celtic princess when paired with a flowy white dress, too. (Or screw the Celtic princess, and it's something Rob Stark's wife would wear on Game of Thrones: powerful, but feminine.)

It's more versatile than it might seem.

At $325, it's not exactly cheap, but things with that sort of range and balance (noticeable, but not not too aggressive) are usually worth paying up for. Or, as Elle says, "it adds a bit of cool to an outfit without overpowering it." Whether that outfit's Elle's signature Isabel Marant-y kind, a more punk one or something softer is up to you. It'd look great with all three of them.

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