Flat Sandals for Every Occasion—Because Who Needs Heels?


Slides on as quickly as flip-flops do, but packs way more polish.

Digital Fashion Writer

Unless you're one of those people who doesn't like your feet, you like sandals. (And if not, I'd like to know know why, because sandals are easy, comfy and ideal for showing off cool nail polish colors. I love them.) They're great for every occasion—work, weekend, beach, parties—with only one catch: it's hard to find a single pair that's right for all of them.

So just in time for warm weather dressing, I've sorted it out for you, with a handful of sandals that work best for each situation. Not liking your feet would be your only reason for not buying a pair, because whether they're formal enough to wear to the office or waterproof enough for the beach, these sandals are kind of awesome.