Shopping Mad Men: Attention to Detail

The latest episode of Mad Men, "Man With a Plan," is all about control—namely, who has it and who doesn't. Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce merges with Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough, a business union that brings major power shifts. Bob Benson's sucking up to the bosses finally pays off, and to Peggy's great chagrin, she must once again work with Don. Speaking of Don, he imprisons Sylvia in a hotel room and generally acts like a psycho. Sigh.

As usual, all of the power struggles and uncomfortable moments came with some very well-choreographed outfits. Plain, buttoned-up ensembles were spiced up with awesome accents and patterns. The bottom line of this episode? You can give a girl a crappy office, but you can't take away her style. Click through to shop our favorite looks from Episode 7.

With chaos all around, Joan stays ravishing in this fitted electric blue outfit with matching heels, a bright floral scarf and an oversized gold pendant. Click through to shop her look.