9 Shopping Victories That Make Us Feel Like A Million Bucks

Life is all about the small things, or so they say. But what are these small things? Sometimes it's finding a $20 bill in an old coat, snagging the best parking spot or waking up to realize it's Saturday. Of course, being the shopping-obsessed editors we are, we tend to find them in little moments of retail bliss. Because when you score a small victory in shopping, the world is at your feet.

1. Finding something like, really good, on sale:
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2. Conquering a snobby sales associate:
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3. Saving up for weeks, then finally buying your treasure:
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4. The rush of a flash sale e-mail you actually want to shop:
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5. Buying something because you love it, no matter what anybody else says:
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6. Getting a free gift with purchase:
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7. Fitting into the size you want:
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8. Getting a co-sign from strangers in the store:
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9. Being a retail goddess, master of all you shop:
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