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The clothing here is already crazy-affordable, but really, it's the free shipping and returns policy that really clinches the deal. Like, we can have that jacket for less than $100 and you'll bring it to us for free? Sold.
It addition to this fashion and beauty site's complimentary standard shipping and returns policy, clothing orders placed before before 1PM PST are delivered overnight on the house.
For those who don't have time to stop by their local outpost in person, this eyewear emporium delivers for free. And, since no really know how shades will look without trying them on, customers are not charged for returns either.
Whether you're ordering one little cotton top or an entire box of them, this casualwear company waives shipping. Same deal with returns: on the house, no matter what.
If you're seeking time-honored footwear brands like Converse, Keds or Superga, this is your spot. Not only does the footwear site carry a full range of classics, but having them shipped or returned won't cost you a penny.
Don't feel nervous about ordering something you're not sure about: in addition to this e-tailer's promised free shipping, it also provides returns and exchanges for no charge at all.
So long as you live within the United States—Alaska and Hawaii included!—shipping and returns are zero dollars.
While purchases from this heritage brand will arrive within two to five days at no additional cost, returns do come with a small fee. But chances are you won't be making many—the classic items on this site are some of the surest bets out there.
Both this cheerful company's main label and its offshoot, Saturday, don't charge for delivery or returns. (So go ahead and put that money toward the Mother's Day gift you haven't bought yet.)
It's not like you can't find this laid-back label's pieces in other stores. But this is one of the few places where you can have them delivered for free.
Ground shipping (three business days or less) is totally on the house. Returns are prepaid if you decide to send something back within 15 days of your purchase.
Select "US Standard Shipping" upon checkout, and all those pretty new party dresses and cool jewels will arrive on your doorstep within six business days—at no extra cost. Should something not work out, return it for a full refund within 28 days.
Looking to buy something bright and festive with a slightly vintage vibe? You can have get it delivered for free from this California company's web store. (And returned without charge, but pfft—like that's happening.)
Not only is this one of the few places that sells engagement rings online, but it also overnights them for free. (Because as anyone who's ever seen the final scene of When Harry Met Sally knows, some things just can't wait.)
Unlike its sale site,, which bills for shipping on orders under $150, items from the department store's main page are delivered for free. Think of it as a really great excuse to buy something at full price! (Because no shipping is the same at 75 percent off...right?)
Really, if you order from here enough, it won't be long before all those compensated shipping costs add up to one polo—or this awesome red skirt! Just sayin'.