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"Shorts are safer, specifically in NYC, where the subway grates cause impromptu Marilyn-Monroe-in-the-white-dress style moments (except less cute and more super-embarassing)." - Jenna Gottlieb, Senior Fashion Writer
"Can you run at breakneck pace after the ice cream truck in a dress? Didn't think so." - Alison Syrett, Digital Writer
"Outside of office hours, you won't find me in much other than a pair of perfectly-worn-in cutoff jean shorts. Is there anything more iconically summer? Pair them with summer sweaters, breezy button-downs, or dressed-up blouses—and piles of jewelry, of course—and I can almost guarantee you can wear them anywhere." - Verena von Pfetten, Executive Digital Editor

"You don’t have to do the whole 'Wait, should I wear a flat or a heel with this dress? A flat or a heel? A FLAT OR A HEEL?!' You don't have to do that with shorts. Shorts always look good with flats, which takes some of the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning." - Natalie Matthews, Digital Fashion Writer
"Versatile as cutoffs may be, a pair of jean shorts will never, ever be as polished and pretty as a dress—just ask Taylor Swift, Olivia Palermo or one of the many other stars who wear them exclusively throughout the warmer months. With a dress, you've got ventilation on your side, you don't have to think about putting together an entire head-to-toe look—your dress IS your look—and won't have to change into something spiffier to go out in the evening. Plus, that flowing skirt will flutter in the summer breeze in the most appealing way. Let's see the frayed hemlines of your favorite 'jorts' do THAT." - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor