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A tissue-thin, nearly see-through tank is the best place to start. Pick something a little longer so it'll peek out from beneath whatever's on top.
Next, throw on a slightly shrunken sweatshirt. Go for a cotton blend, rather than wool or cashmere, so you won't get sweaty as the day goes on.
Now, add a chunky-knit cardigan to your first two layers. The key here is that it hits past the hips, in order to balance out all that fabric up top. Just like you did with the pullover, check that the material is warm, not heavy. Remember: this is spring layering. (If you want hardcore, middle-of-February stuff, read this.)
Okay! Now you are ready for a coat! You can't go wrong with a trench: it's just the right weight and, because of the belt, won't look bulky over all those extra pieces.
Finish things off with a bright warm-weather shawl and—voila!—you are prepared for any temperature between 40 and 75 degrees. (Here's hoping you get more of the latter.)