12 Hot Looks Inspired By Our Favorite Summer Movies

Summertime is always so welcome after the relentless winter and teasing spring. There are the barbecues, the beach, the country club drinks, the occasional recreational sport and supposedly enjoying the gifts of Mother Nature. I end up enjoying said gifts for maybe two weeks. Afterwards, I retreat into a dark climate-controlled cavern with a huge TV—only to emerge around Thanksgiving. My survival is dependent on the glow of my iPhone, news via Twitter, food delivery and, of course, the best summertime movies that let me live vicariously. Each have their own unique style, so indulge us while we take you through our favorites.

Wet Hot American Summer

I never went to camp. So I feel as though I have this gaping hole in my life, an emptiness that can't be filled. The closest thing I'll get to camp is watching this movie. With summer coming to a close, everybody at Camp Firewood has one final chance to hook up. Naturally, things get weird as crushes and romances start to emerge. And by weird, I mean hilarious. A cult movie if there ever was one.