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Ideal for days when you're on a boat. Or, you know, days when you're not.
Later, gator.
You need at least one breton-striped knit in your summer rotation. Bonus points if it's partly sheer.
Therein lies the beauty of the cropped sweater: unlike the crop top, it looks just as good layered over something else, and thus is infinitely more wearable.
If you don't yet own one of Kenzo's now-iconic tiger pullovers, now's the perfect time to invest. This one's even got hemline vents for added ventilation.
Just one of the many ways you can channel The Sandlot this summer—without actually having to act athletic.
Tropical prints and athletic mesh make this a marriage of two of our favorite warm-weather trends.
That skater-boy-inspired hood sucks all the preciousness right out of the floral print.
Nothing says "here comes summer" like short sleeves and open weaves. That collar's just the cherry on top of it all.
Not really in the mood for a sweater? Try a sporty sweatshirt instead. We love this leopard-spotted version, and that minty green's so summery.
School may be out for summer, but that's no reason to ditch our favorite scholastic-minded trends.
Better get your tentacles on this baby before it's sold out.
Show off those shoulders—without going sleeveless!
This summer, the claws are coming out.
A lovely, literal take on the color-blocking trend.
Layer it over a simple tank in a similarly neutral hue—or, if you're daring, over a sporty bra top.
Like a wearable drink of limeade.
Oh Mickey, you're so fine.
There's no better way to add dimension to an all-white summer look than with a bold gold cardi.