Make It Work!: Tim Gunn Shares His Summer Style Advice

Tim Gunn knows a thing or two about style. For almost 10 years running, the Project Runway star has kept us entertained with his loveable personality, impeccable taste and most noteworthy catchphrase—you know the one I'm talking about.

So when I had the opportunity to sit down with the TV personality to discuss all things summer style (as well as his other obsession—coffee) at a Nespresso event last week, I jumped at the chance.

In between sipping cappuccinos, I decided to put Gunn's famous phrase to the test by asking the style savant how to keep some of Lucky's favorite summertime trends looking classy and sophisticated. In other words—how to make them work.

Click through for Gunn's advice on wearing cutoffs, crop tops and more.

"With cutoffs, I would think about a long-sleeved oxford shirt, like a boyfriend shirt—and roll up the sleeves, because you want some counterpoint to the sexiness of the shorts," Tim says. "Don't dress them up."

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