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Florals and two-tone! Two of my favorite things in one gorgeous silky skirt.
Reminds me of an old-school ID bracelet—but in punky yellow!
Crisp, light button-downs are my staple. I love this one in menswear-ish blue.
Such a great, edgy layering piece! I can’t wait to throw it on over my girly dresses.
A rough-cut, organic-looking crystal is the coolest way to add sparkle.
Make any outfit instantly fancier with a red lip.
This sweatshirt tee is so fun paired with a lace skirt.
The classic, kicky summer citrus perfume!
Like my favorite huarache sandals, but totally sexy!
A statement bag you can wear with everything—genius!
Tough and luxe—awesome on its own or stacked with a watch.